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Levant Mine, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall. 11th (?) July, 1894

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Group of 29 miners posed underground at the 278 fathom level. The majority of the miners are wearing felt hats, either with the brim intact or with the brim removed. while others have tallow candles affixed to their hats with lumps of clay. Six of the group are smoking pipes. One miner holds a large saw. The group shows a whole range of ages. The youngest members of the group seem to be at the front, particularly the very young looking boy standing with drills tied with rope and slung around his shoulders, standing in the second row second from the left. Note the condition of the young miners boots, third from the left front row sitting. Photographer: John Charles Burrow

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Date: 4th March 2016

County: Cornwall

Location Name: 50.1521° N, 5.6855° W

: TRURI : 2011.11.145

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Keywords: candles, cornish, drill, felt hats, mining, saw, victorian