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Baryte, Bonsall Dale, Bonsall, Derbyshire, England

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Variety of baryte known as brainstone'. White sprays of dendritic crystals in a limonitic ground mass with one polished face. The occurrence of this variety of baryte is seemingly localised to Derbyshire and was named by miners due to its appearance. The specimen label states Baryte var Flowered Cauk, Bonsal, Derbys

Copyright © RIC, photographer Roy Starkey

Media ID 18814436

Date: 21st March 2019

County: Derbyshire

Location Name: England

: TRURI : 801.6202

Image Size: 4605 x 3264 Pixels

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Associated Categories: Minerals

Keywords: arborescent, barite, barium, barytes, brown, cawk, dendriform, earthy, english, geology, heavy spar, midlands, mineral, orange, specimen, sulfate, sulphate