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Copper, Cornwall, England

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An intricate dendritic growth of copper crystals. Also known as native copper, the specimen is pure copper, uncombined with any other elements. Some of the best dendritic (branching) specimens came from the Gwennap mines and, although the locality for this specimen is unknown, it is probable that it came from one of these mines, perhaps Wheal Unity. Copper lodes are widespread in Cornwall and, as a result, copper was one of the most significant metals mined in Cornwall.

Copyright © RIC, photographer A.G. Tindle

Media ID 18814406

Date: 8th January 2016

Copyright Status: Copyrighted Work

County: Cornwall

Location Name: England

Author: MIke Searle

: TRURI : 801.5

Image Size: 4033 x 3840 Pixels

Filesize is 2.91MB

Associated Categories: Minerals

Keywords: arborescent, branching, brown, cornish, crystalline, cu, dendriform, element, english, geology, metal, metallic, mine, mineral, mining, native, orange, red, reddish, specimen, tree like