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Coombe Creek, Kea, Cornwall. Around 1910

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A view of Coombe Creek and hamlet. Ducks are swimming in the creek. A view of houses and thatched cottages can be seen with fields beyond. A boat is in the foreground with another on the bank. There is a raised shed on wooden stilts with log piles to the side. The Reading Room, the timber building with a corrugated galvanised steel roof on the left, was built in 1908 and looks recently constructed. The newspapers for the Reading Room were provided by Miss Daubuz of Killiow Estate. The two thatched cottages, Moor Close and Bunny Thatch, were demolished between the First and Second World Wars. Holly Cottage is left of centre and Coombe Villa is on the right. Photographer: Arthur William Jordan.

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Media ID 18447580

Date: 4th March 2019

County: Cornwall

Location Name: 50.244276,-5.071172

: TRURI : KEAgv.16

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Keywords: cornish, edwardian, fal, river, truro