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Housel Bay, Landewednack, Cornwall. 22nd June 1908

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View of Lizard lighthouse from Housel Bay with Bumble Rock and Lion's Den. The lighthouse was built by Thomas Fonnereau in 1751 as a twin coal-fired light, converted to oil in 1811, and electricity in 1874. A rotating lens was installed in the eastern tower in 1903 and the western tower light removed. The lighthouse was automated in 1998. Photographer: Herbert Hughes

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Media ID 15238862

Date: 21st July 2018

County: Cornwall

Location Name: 49.969674, -5.193979

: TRURI : LAAlh.3

Image Size: 8181 x 6015 Pixels

Filesize is 11.31MB

Associated Categories: Landewednack

Keywords: cliffs, cornish, house, lights, navigation, peninsula, sea, south coast, trinity