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Polpeor Cove, The Lizard, Landewednack, Cornwall. Before 1911

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A view of the slipway with small sailing boats at Polpeor Cove with the early lifeboat station. The first lifeboat station at Polpeor Cove opened in 1859 following the wreck of the SS Czar on 22nd January 1859 when some of her crew were rescued by local boatmen. Operations from the third and last station at Polpeor Cove stopped in 1961 when the Lizard lifeboat station moved location to the more protected Kilcobben Cove. Photographer unknown

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Date: 16th August 2018

County: Cornwall

Location Name: 49.969674, -5.193979

: TRURI : LAApc.14

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Associated Categories: Landewednack

Keywords: coast, coastal, cornish, headland, navigation, oars, peninsula, rnli, sea