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Procession on Bay Tree Hill, Liskeard, Cornwall. 6th July 1893

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The procession is in celebration of the marriage of the Duke of York (future King George V) to Princess Mary. The photograph is taken from Bay Tree Hill looking down to the procession emerging from Fore Street, with E. Moon's Warehouse and Sketchley Dye Works on the corners. The surname of the young man dressed as a 18th century gentleman on a pony is Preston. Two boys on ponies are dressed like South African farmers (Boers) wearing slouch hats and ammunition bandoleers across their shoulders. Photographer: Probably Robert H. Preston

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Media ID 18842095

Date: 2nd April 2019

County: Cornwall

Location Name: 50.45552, -4.464719

: TRURI : LISgv.19

Image Size: 8470 x 6028 Pixels

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Associated Categories: Liskeard

Keywords: baytree, carriage, cornish, crowds, drawn, event, horse, occasion, people, scene, town, victorian