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Dolly Pentreaths memorial, St Pol de Leon churchyard, Paul, Cornwall. Late 1800s or early 1900s

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A view of Dolly Pentreath's memorial set in the wall of Paul churchyard with an elderly bearded gentleman standing by the side. Dolly Pentreath's main language was Cornish and she only learned a little English as an adult. She is considered by many people to be the last person to speak Cornish fluently as a first language, although this is contested by some. She died in 1777 and was buried at Paul where, in June 1860, a monument in her honour was set into the churchyard wall by Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte, a nephew of Napoleon, and by Reverend John Carbett, the Vicar of Paul of the time. Part of the A.K. Hamilton Jenkin collection. Photographer: Unknown

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Date: 3rd August 2018

County: Cornwall

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