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Fore Street, Probus, Cornwall. Around 1913

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The placard on the cottage reads "Cornwall County Police". The village Police Constable poses for the camera. The lady and the two children are probably the Policeman's wife and children. The same lady can be seen in photograph TRURI: PROct.5, in the distance looking from the roadway outside this cottage towards the camera. In that photograph her clothing and hairstyle, with a bow, are the same. Which would suggest that the photograph was taken on the same day. According to the 1911 Census of Probus, the Police constable was PC Mark Prust aged 28. Born about 1883. His wife was Maud Prust aged 26. At that time they did not have any children and they had been married for under two years. Their address was "Sunnyside, Probus." According to the 1901 Census of St Austell, Maud, nee Westcott, was aged 16 and living with her family in Blowing House Hill, St Austell. She was a dressmaker by trade. Under worker it stated "Own means." Further research using the book "One & All, A History of Policing in Cornwall, The Cornwall Constabulary 1857-1967" by Ken Searle, Published by Halsgrove in 2005, found that PC 6 Mark Prust was a carpenter from Hartland, Devon, prior to being appointed on 2nd November 1904 to the Cornwall Constabulary. On 19th May 1909, he married Maud Westcott at the Methodist Chapel, Tregonissey, St Austell. He had served at Bodmin, Falmouth and Truro from 1st May 1909. Probus village Police station was probably a satellite village station of Truro Police station. In the photograph Maud has two children. The child in the pushchair is about 12 months or under and the standing child is around 2 years old. This research information and Maud's style of clothing, including the height of her skirt hemline, would suggest that these two photographs (TRURI:PROct.5 and TRURI:PROct.6) were perhaps around taken around 1913. Photographer: Samuel John Govier

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Date: 23rd July 2018

County: Cornwall

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: TRURI : PROct.6

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