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40 Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall. Possibly 1902 or 1911

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40 Lemon Street decorated with flags for an unknown occasion but possibly for the coronation of either King Edward VII in 1902 or King George V in 1911. The banner on the left is the King Edward VII banner marking the end of the Boer War which indicates that the photograph was more likely to have been taken on the occasion of King Edward VII's coronation. Photographer: Unknown

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Media ID 19147249

Date: 19th July 2019

County: Cornwall

Location Name: 50.263195, -5.051041

: TRURI : TRUleb.2

Image Size: 6077 x 8314 Pixels

Filesize is 10.38MB

Associated Categories: Truro

Keywords: 41, banners, buildings, bunting, celebration, city, cornish, edwardian, flag, lion, railings, rampant, scene