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The Fleet in Port, Newlyn Harbour, Cornwall. Around 1900

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Fishing boats in Newlyn Harbour including boats with registrations PZ498, PZ214, PZ192, 100PZ, PZ422, 185PZ, 301PZ, 521PZ, 397PZ, 61PZ (registered in Penzance). Fishermen's huts can be seen in the background. Photographer: Unknown

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Media ID 19044123

Date: 3rd June 2019

County: Cornwall

Location Name: 50.101486, -5.548025

: TRURI : Sfish.25

Image Size: 6438 x 5981 Pixels

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Associated Categories: Fishing

Keywords: boats, coast, coastline, cornish, fish, fishing industry, harbours, sea, south coast, victorian and edwardian, village, work