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The three-masted French ship Socoa in Falmouth Harbour, Cornwall. 1906

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View of the starboard side of the three-masted French steel ship Socoa in Falmouth Harbour with tugs alongside. The Socoa was built in 1901 by Chantier and Atelier de St Nazaire at St Nazaire and registered in Bayonne. At 2613 tons gross, she was 282 feet 9 inches x 44 feet x 22 feet 7 inches. She was on passage from Stettin to San Francisco carrying cement to rebuild the city after earthquake damage when she was stranded on Craggan Rock, Cadgwith, on 31st July 1906. She was successfully floated off after jettisoning 50, 000 barrels of cement. She was later renamed Thiers. Photographer: Unknown

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Date: 29th November 2018

County: Cornwall

Location Name: 50.152571, -5.06627

: TRURI : SS.0057.3

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