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A crowd of people gathered to watch a Cornish wrestling match at an unknown location, Cornwall. 1970

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An open air wrestling match, with a crowd of people watching, some of whom are sitting on hay bales. There are two sticklers (referees) in the ring and the wrestlers, wearing the traditional jackets, are standing in a clinch. A van with loud speakers is visible behind the circle. A small tent is on the edge of the ring showing a silver cup. Flood lights are strung across the circle. Photographer: Charles Woolf

Copyright © RIC, photographer Charles Woolf

Media ID 18381699

Date: 11th February 2019

County: Cornwall

: TRURI : VUswt.13i

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Associated Categories: Wrestling

Keywords: cornish, entertainment, greenham, joyce, stick, sticks, traditional sport, wrasslin, wrestle, wrestler